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notice that pro-gay and gay people keep downvoting my shit.

I'm not anti-gay, I just don't want HXH to be gay because it is one of my favorite animes. And this is reasonably so because the straight fan base is a lot higher.

But I don't understand how this would be a bad thing for you? Like surely you don't care that Canary is black, for example, so why would you care that Killua is gay or bi?
color. That's all. You don't do anything disturbing.

Being gay makes things awkward as fuck because you know that guy wants to fuck another guy.

Which is really weird for a "guy" like me to like a gay character. Because of the fact that he likes guys.

Look, I know this is going to sound harsh but look at it this way.

If the main character of HXH was a child molester . Would you be OK with that?

No right? Because you can't live with knowing the fact that he is a child molester. And it'd be sure as hell awkward as fuck for you to pretend you like him as a character.

I know it's a harsh example, but in the end "Right and Wrong" is a human construct and IS SUBJECTIVE. Everything is basically our opinion and everyone is different. I'm simply advocating my own point of view.



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