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RE: WA School District kicks Asian Students out of “Students of Color”, groups them with “White”


When we reviewed our disaggregated data it showed that our district is systemically meeting the instructional needs of both our Asian and White students and not meeting the instructional needs for our Black, Indigenous, Multi-racial, Pacific Islander and Latinx students.

The way this is phrased STILL makes it sound like Asian kids are getting privilege. "meeting the instructional needs". As though they are doing something to "meet the needs" of white and Asian kids and not doing those things for the real "people of color".

It's never framed as "Asian kids worked hard and succeeded", it's always "black and brown kids weren't given the same advantages and should be angry at those who received privilege".

Fuck these people for stirring the pot.

Why would any self respecting AsAm want to be grouped with Whites?

I get that Whites want to trade up to be Asian subconsciously. But did they asked any Asians if we want to be groups with them?

Gotta make those white numbers look better I guess

lmfaooooo we broke the white liberal worldview so hard that instead of coming up with new way to talk about these issues they make us white instead lol.

instead of race these ass fucks should just focus on income.

The whole POC label is designed to get us to sympathize and fight for Black people, which is not a bad thing, while we are continually fucked over by the system and are victims of hate crimes by Blacks.



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