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The spin of the ACLU is that they are a non-partisan organization. This is the portrayal they want the average American to see and believe. Of course, that's beyond ridiculous as evidenced by their extreme slant to partisan belief. [...] Interestingly enough they have tried to stymie every Supreme Court Justice who didn't conform to their brand of politics. But wait.... I thought they are non-partisan? I must have forgotten that oft-repeated mantra. Its just so hard to think of them as being impartial when their record is so obviously to advance an agenda. They regularly take on cases that not only defend anti-American terrorism, but they also aide and abet them. They take on cases that support extreme patronage where an offender has been clearly indicted for a crime. Being the spin doctors they are they find ways to paint a picture that doesn't exist to make it sound as if there are nefarious purposes at hand. They will hold somebody up in the spotlight in order to make the defendant seem like a Robin Hood, launching their iconic status in order to subvert the status quo. They defend child pornographers and institutions who support crimes against children. They defend live sex acts irrespective of where and when. They have an unwaivering support of all forms of abortion, even partial birth abortion, and have the gall to now call it "reproductive freedom." They take on religious groups that want to display Nativity scenes, as if displaying baby Jesus is the crime of all crimes. They hate the boyscouts of America for crying out loud. They want all borders to be open, seemingly incapable of understanding the implications that would directly affect them. So on, and so on.


While its true that the ACLU takes on certain cases, its little more than social pittance, and they don't have warmhearted motives for doing it. They take on these cases to keep up the appearance of non-partisanship. But their defense of such cases is usually geared towards some individualistic right they have manifested in their minds.



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