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How can someone obtain invoking rituals of an egregore? Tantriks, invoked a Jyestha/Indra Watcher (Egregore), twice in the Netherlands, to attack me with a Homunculus created by English Satanists, and a family members sperm. Now the egregore has created a portal link with me, after cloning me, see book Egregores of Mark Stavish! I have now a lifelong connection with an egregore, of whom I don't to which it belongs and who the lodge members are! What to do next?

Do you know why an egregore (artificial elemental) is used for black magic attacks? Dion Fortune mentioned it, about 1. telepathic hypnotic suggestion; 2. enforcing the telepathic hypnotic suggestion by evoking an Egregore that can create thoughtforms; 3. creating a magnetic switch or a contactpoint!

Assuming there's any truth to this (sorry, but this is farfetched and clearly at least exaggerated), simply reject. If you are maintaining a connection with an egregore, you are consenting to it.

There is ritual group magic in my neighbour's house, some of those people are: relatives; muslims; and a hindu! A psychotherapist says, it is a legitimate thoughtform attack, and that my familymembers are doing it!

Please do not evoke an egregore that can create thoughtforms. Anyone with enough understanding to do that right has better options 99% of the time. Psychotherapists are generally not qualified to judge psychic attack. My advice elsewhere is still relevant.My advice elsewhere is still relevant. Reject, absorb, ground, even silly novice mirror shield rituals.

They are using a Homuculus to attack my clone! I have been cloned by the egregore! The egregore saved my life when I was attacked in my heart, by my uncle, with the Homunculus!



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