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Why homosexuality should not be normalized
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If homosexual parents were just as good as straight parents, why do children of homosexual parents frequently face the same problems that those of single parents do? Why would we knowingly place children in such an environment when there are many more stable heterosexual couples? Does the emotional gratification of gay people really matter that much that we’d deprive a child of a proper childhood in order to do it?

You get the idea.

Another meme that should be dissected is that gays are “born that way.”

First of all, even if it were inborn or immutable, your sexual orientation does not override your free agency. It’s not “bigoted” for religions to preach against homosexual activity, since you still have the choice to act on your sexual urges or not.

I will gladly concede the fact that attempts to “cure” homosexuality have only ended in failure, and more emotional and mental distress for the patients involved. That’s not because I consider homosexuality to be innate or inborn. It’s entirely possible to doubt that gays are “born that way” and to oppose conversion therapy at the same time.

Hell, the mere fact that a huge percentage of zoomers, as high as 40% of them, identify as LGBTQ, casts reasonable doubt on the meme. If homosexuality were truly 100% inborn or genetic, it would be impossible for homosexuals to make up more than a very, VERY small fraction of the population, since homosexuals and transgender people have a snowball’s chance in hell to pass their genes to the next generation.

What’s more, even troon activists and apologists are perfectly willing to openly dispense with the notion that sexual orientation is inborn or innate. They do it whenever they complain about lesbians or straight men who refuse to fuck trans “women.”

Even bisexuality wouldn’t provide that much incentive to pass your genes along, and if you chose to not indulge the gay half of yourself, why identify as bisexual at all?

There are only two reasons why so many young people would identify as LGBTQ, and either reason provides a very solid justification for opposing any effort to normalize homosexuality.



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