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Why homosexuality should not be normalized

Whether or not you consider homosexuality a sin, it is incontrovertible that it is an abnormality at best, and an unhealthy lifestyle at worst.

It does society a huge disservice to both society, and homosexuals themselves, to treat homosexuality as “normal,” or as any way equal to heterosexuality. It will never carry society in the same way heterosexuality does, not even with the ability to reproduce with artificial means.

I shall rip off a 4chan post to explain why:

If homosexuals are comparable to infertile heterosexuals, it is a disability. We don’t mistreat people for having disabilities, but we don’t pretend that it’s as ideal as being able-bodied, nor do we treat bodily integrity dysphoria as valid.

If homosexuality is comparable to straight people engaging in oral or anal sex, it is a fetish or paraphilia.

If homosexuality is comparable to friendships between those of the same sex, why do they have sex?

If homosexuality were as safe as heterosexuality, why are they disproportionately susceptible to STDs and cause physical damage to each others sphincters? Why is “bug chasing” a fetish? Why do the others not bat an eye at those who refuse to get tested, or continue to have sex even after testing positive? Why do they then sperg out at those who MIGHT spread COVID, an illness that is easier to survive AND not get permanently maimed by?

If homosexuality is a valid form of romance, why does nature deny them reproduction? Why make children in a lab or with a surrogate? If homosexual love is as pure as heterosexual love, why are gays statistically unlikely to remain monogamous compared to heterosexuals?

If not being able to get married was a reason why homosexuals were so promiscuous before, why has it gotten worse since then, with the degenerate mainstream media becoming more emboldened in promoting lifestyles like polyamory and cuckoldry? Why do so few express interest in actually getting married, or treating it like the strict, closed relationship it is supposed to be?




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