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Why homosexuality should not be normalized
I digress, but the point is, if the culture tells children that it’s cool to be a sodomite, they will take it to heart. They seldom have the cognitive ability to withstand that propaganda on their own. If sexual orientation were truly inborn or innate, this would be extremely harmful, probably even more so than forcing heterosexuality on adolescents who are clearly gay. They’re essentially persecuting those who carry society, carry the human population. Just because they’re jealous and angry at them. And said kids are only identifying as LGBTQ because it’s the cool thing to do, NOT because they actually are sexually attracted to the same sex or because of persistent gender-confusion.

But if homosexuality were made, not born, that provides an even stronger incentive to not normalize homosexuality. Like I said earlier, for even a large minority of the population to be LGBTQ is a disaster for any future population growth, or the well-being of future generations, as few in number as they may be. If homosexuality were made, not born, the last thing that you want would be an environment that actively fosters homosexual orientation in children. It doesn’t fucking matter how much society kisses the LGBTQ community on the ass. Being gay, or especially trans, significantly reduces your quality of life.

And the fewer people who are willing or able to bear children the natural way, or at least provide existing children with a stable home environment with parental role models of both sexes, the more likely society will collapse.

The solution? We just need to accept the fact that homosexuality isn’t normal. There is no reason why our institutions need to normalize it, or treat it as equal to heterosexuality.

There’s no reason why marriage, as an institution, need to include homosexuals. Marriage is not a human right. Marriage was designed to provide the most ideal environment for healthy families to flourish, not to validate the feelings of those with disordered sexualities. Even if heterosexual marriage as an institution were failing due to high divorce rates, or the increasing acceptance of polyamory/cuckoldry, the solution would not be to implement further perversion of the definition of marriage. Marriage, by definition, is DISCRIMINATORY.


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Why homosexuality should not be normalized
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One, said kids do it because it’s trendy. All their friends are doing it. The mainstream media presents it as fashionable or glamorous to fuck those of the same sex, or to be willfully confused about what’s between your legs and hard-coded into your DNA. To sexually identify as an alien hermaphrodite with a barbie doll crotch. We do think of kids as being rebellious and so quick and eager to stick it to the man, or those in authority.

The only problem is, kids tend to only direct that rebelliousness towards their parents. Not towards the man, nor the establishment, nor towards crony capitalism, except maybe in word. As much as we like to make fun of the regressive left for pretending to be edgy and rebellious despite having BEEN the establishment for a decade or longer, it’s easy for children to forget that. Many of them lack the maturity or the experience to understand that they are not being “liberated” or “freed” or being “authentic” or “true to themselves.” They’re just tools, being manipulated by demagogues in the public schools, popular culture, and the corporate mass-media.

Their propensity for being rebellious might be idealism or naivety, but it’s just as likely that they’re simply angry with their parents because their parents are less likely to indulge them in their bullshit than other adults in their life.

Many of them will gladly accept any authority figure in their lives other than their own parents. An even more extreme example being the youth that were manipulated into committing terrible atrocities during the Cultural Revolution in China. Familiarity breeds contempt, after all.

They also make war on reality, since so many of them have existential or identity crises in adolescence, and too many parents do a shitty job at keeping them grounded during that tumultuous time. Almost as if they have forgotten what it was like to be a teenager, are too boomer-ish to stay in touch with the present day and the new challenges that teenagers have to face that they themselves never did at THEIR larval stage, or just plain don’t give a shit.


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Why homosexuality should not be normalized

Whether or not you consider homosexuality a sin, it is incontrovertible that it is an abnormality at best, and an unhealthy lifestyle at worst.

It does society a huge disservice to both society, and homosexuals themselves, to treat homosexuality as “normal,” or as any way equal to heterosexuality. It will never carry society in the same way heterosexuality does, not even with the ability to reproduce with artificial means.

I shall rip off a 4chan post to explain why:

If homosexuals are comparable to infertile heterosexuals, it is a disability. We don’t mistreat people for having disabilities, but we don’t pretend that it’s as ideal as being able-bodied, nor do we treat bodily integrity dysphoria as valid.

If homosexuality is comparable to straight people engaging in oral or anal sex, it is a fetish or paraphilia.

If homosexuality is comparable to friendships between those of the same sex, why do they have sex?

If homosexuality were as safe as heterosexuality, why are they disproportionately susceptible to STDs and cause physical damage to each others sphincters? Why is “bug chasing” a fetish? Why do the others not bat an eye at those who refuse to get tested, or continue to have sex even after testing positive? Why do they then sperg out at those who MIGHT spread COVID, an illness that is easier to survive AND not get permanently maimed by?

If homosexuality is a valid form of romance, why does nature deny them reproduction? Why make children in a lab or with a surrogate? If homosexual love is as pure as heterosexual love, why are gays statistically unlikely to remain monogamous compared to heterosexuals?

If not being able to get married was a reason why homosexuals were so promiscuous before, why has it gotten worse since then, with the degenerate mainstream media becoming more emboldened in promoting lifestyles like polyamory and cuckoldry? Why do so few express interest in actually getting married, or treating it like the strict, closed relationship it is supposed to be?


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Why homosexuality should not be normalized
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There’s no reason why they need more “representation” in popular culture, much less in media aimed at children or families.

There’s no reason why it needs to be taught in public schools, especially since the LGBTQ community is increasingly reluctant to disavow predators and groomers in their midst. As miffed as they are at the notion that homosexuality and transgenderism is a slippery slope to pedophilia, they are rather slow (if not outright unwilling) to disavow things like Queer Kids Stuff, Drag Queen Story Hour, the San Francisco Gay Men’s Choir, etc. Or to support Florida’s anti-grooming bill. They consistently botch any opportunity given to them to disprove the notion that LGBTQ and pedophilia are connected to each other, other than protesting too much. Actions speak louder than words.

With that said, with homosexuality unable to carry human society the same way heterosexuality does, with the fact that homosexuality may actually be unhealthy, both for those who practice it, and potentially for society at large, gays should simply be grateful that society tolerates them at all, that they can cohabitate in peace without the police barging into their homes.

They should shut the fuck up and leave everyone else alone.


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Why homosexuality should not be normalized
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If homosexual parents were just as good as straight parents, why do children of homosexual parents frequently face the same problems that those of single parents do? Why would we knowingly place children in such an environment when there are many more stable heterosexual couples? Does the emotional gratification of gay people really matter that much that we’d deprive a child of a proper childhood in order to do it?

You get the idea.

Another meme that should be dissected is that gays are “born that way.”

First of all, even if it were inborn or immutable, your sexual orientation does not override your free agency. It’s not “bigoted” for religions to preach against homosexual activity, since you still have the choice to act on your sexual urges or not.

I will gladly concede the fact that attempts to “cure” homosexuality have only ended in failure, and more emotional and mental distress for the patients involved. That’s not because I consider homosexuality to be innate or inborn. It’s entirely possible to doubt that gays are “born that way” and to oppose conversion therapy at the same time.

Hell, the mere fact that a huge percentage of zoomers, as high as 40% of them, identify as LGBTQ, casts reasonable doubt on the meme. If homosexuality were truly 100% inborn or genetic, it would be impossible for homosexuals to make up more than a very, VERY small fraction of the population, since homosexuals and transgender people have a snowball’s chance in hell to pass their genes to the next generation.

What’s more, even troon activists and apologists are perfectly willing to openly dispense with the notion that sexual orientation is inborn or innate. They do it whenever they complain about lesbians or straight men who refuse to fuck trans “women.”

Even bisexuality wouldn’t provide that much incentive to pass your genes along, and if you chose to not indulge the gay half of yourself, why identify as bisexual at all?

There are only two reasons why so many young people would identify as LGBTQ, and either reason provides a very solid justification for opposing any effort to normalize homosexuality.

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It’s because we fucking let them. It was a concession we granted them to them because we felt sorry for them. Because they told us that they were “born that way,” and just wanted to get married. Because they took advantage of the goodwill of their neighbors.

It was a lie. It was a fucking lie.

Aside from the fact that they are statistically unlikely to actually stay monogamous, aside from the fact that they hardly show hardly any respect to an institution that is supposed to foster a strictly closed relationship as opposed to a poly-amorous one, they were NOT content to just get married.

If they could be satisfied, they wouldn’t have even fought for gay marriage. They would have been content to simply cohabitate in peace and not have to deal with the police barging in and dragging them out of their bedrooms. They would have stopped there and shut up forevermore. Homosexuality is an abnormality in human sexuality. It did not, it does not, and will not ever carry human society the same way heterosexuality does. If they were truly at peace with their sexuality, that simple fact would not bother them. They wouldn’t feel the need to normalize homosexuality, as homosexuality is anything BUT normal.

But no, they demanded that they be treated as equal to heterosexual married couples. Hindsight is 20/20. It was a huge mistake to validate homosexual couples as marriages, since it misses the whole point of marriage, which is to keep a mother and father together to create children, and to ensure that those same children grow up in a stable household with parental role models of both sexes. Even adopted children can benefit from the latter, if said couple turns out to be infertile.

LGBTQ activists only got bolder and more brazen once gay marriage was legalized. In that same year, a closeted pedophile by the name of Lindsay Amer started a web series called Queer Kids Stuff. Not even the overwhelming negative reception she got was enough to deter her in her quest to ruin as many childhoods as possible.

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To the left (and more especially, Taylor Lorenz), Libs of TikTok was run by a horrible, evil woman who caused many poor, innocent queer people to lose their jobs, so she herself deserves to be doxxed, and her family members deserve to be harassed.

I challenge anyone to name me a single person that she “canceled” that didn’t deserve it in some way. I also challenge anyone to name a single person she actually doxxed.

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