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Within the Titan MOD RA Boards we dive deeper into the parasites mechanism of centralising its forcefield around the center of the nothern hemipshere of our crater, Boaz. By building complex boards like metropoles and other large cities the parasite could be trying to control this craters energysystem, the threefold flame or the holy trinity, Boaz, Jachin and Mother. This system might also be energizing the KABA dome and its 7 heavens, the Hebdomad.

To understand this video better you might have to watch my playlist The Heart Shaped XBOX as I try to build each new video on top of previous work.

After initiating its first attack through the Saturn polar configuration , the parasite has pressurized our hearts and Earths bio-field with thousands of years of deception with war , hate , racism, isolation and many other unloving projections on humanity,

We are under pressure as powers are centralising its energy field in order to create a split in society and families using fear and ignorence of the self.

By increasing acidic levels in our evironment, humanity is facing a tough and full-hearted time of spiritual and physical pressure, will we allow the parasite to gain fully access to our torus field or are we gonna energize our own hearts to return the balance to save our world and our crater?



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