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[Serious] The reasons agecucks are against adults dating teens have absolutely nothing to do with (alleged) increased pregnancy risks

1= male teens having sex with them can make them pregnant just the same and agecucks are not against it
2= women in their late 30s and especially 40s getting pregnant have even much, much more increased possible complications (especially for the baby) and they don't care
3= they use data from shithole countries so of course the number of women who died from childbirth is noticeable in those places
4= they pretend to be devout Catholics now and that sex is only for reproduction when we all know it definitely isn't especially on this day and age. If the problem was only that, it would be ok in their book to kiss or to have non-vaginal sex with teens as an adult

Agecuckoldry (teens can date each other but adults can't date them) is 0% about reason and logic and 100% about emotions. Lookism-based prejudice, jealousy, envy, misandry, you name it.

(I won't link the IT thread that inspired me to write this because I already did one thread on IT today and I'm aware Serge doesn't want us to do it).



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