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( @Footdoc )
I've been calling this out since 2020, just like this tweet. Spot on.

spoilerAny vaccine that needs to be shipped and stored at -80 degrees isn’t a vaccine. It’s a transfection agent, kept alive so it can infect your cells and transfer genetic material. Don’t let them fool you. This is genetic manipulation of humans on a massive scale. Shut it down.

( @LynetteSW )
@Footdoc Like so many things about this planned event, why weren't there more rational thinking people. asking more questions. This was only allowed to happen because too many people were cowards in my opinion.

( @Smugglers_Chase )
@Footdoc the fact that it's still available after all the info put out there should tell you something....

( @Freedomwarrior1 )
@Smugglers_Chase @Footdoc nuffin I didn't know already. ...people are sheep and easily led around by fear?

( @batmanroxus )
@Footdoc It's genocide, and they have killed over 20,000,000 people with it already. Stay tuned, billions more to come.

( @BAwake )
@Footdoc same. I asked every physician, pharm tech and person why does it have to be stored subzero? What's in it? Mum's the word.

( @The_wandering_mind )
@BAwake @Footdoc what I have read is that the drug used on horses to keep them from reproducing has to be kept at that low temperature.

( @JesseJamesX3 )
@Footdoc by now .. with so much info out there.. The people still getting the vaccine.. we should just shake our heads and have zero sympathy for.

( @ElisaLu17 )
@JesseJamesX3 @Footdoc I had 2 people yesterday tell me they’d gotten all their boosters, and they were proud of it! One worked in healthcare; the other for a state university. Insanity!! How do they still not know?!?

( @BeepBoopBop )
@ElisaLu17 @JesseJamesX3 @Footdoc my Human Resources in healthcare is pushing it still… I have to wear an N-95 mask and goggles effective immediately… pureblood is scary… they get Covid more than me!!! Losers.

( @jennlizzy72 )
@Footdoc everyone that took the jab is now a GMO

( @jcmarkham )
@Footdoc couldn’t agree more! When the makers of a product refuse it for themselves and family? Duh!



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