Guest Poster #racist

Much like the moth to the flame niggers are creatures of the dark that stalk the light out of sheer memorization, drawn in by its striking image and willingness to shine bright by itself and for itself contrary to their own dull, uninspiring and self-loathing selves.

However, unlike our far more likable and attractive lepidopterist friends niggers blame the light for them being burnt even though it was their own actions that led them to where they are now and it was their own self-loathing that drove them away from the darkness to begin with.

Niggers sure are an interesting bunch then, they demand that we take them for human even though they adopt the behavior of the inhuman.

Personally, I am a drunk and a depressive. I therefore resent much of society in the sense that it manipulates and/or consumes at any given time in order to facilitate growth wherein the gains go upwards, never downwards.

Still, even with all my drunken woes, I still thank the good lord that I was not born with big blubber lips, shit colored skin and bloodshot eyes.

Niggers are the worst. No doubt about that.



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