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Crow777 is one of the original O.G.’s and a fixture within the “Flat Earth” world and is most known for his sensational “Lunar Wave” footage that was getting censored all over the damn place on YouTube once the phenomenon started gaining notoriety and more importantly, views. I remember Tyler from SecureTeam losing his shit when this footage first dropped. And rightly so.

It meant one of two things. (1.) The sun and moon are actually holographic projections and not physical artifacts. (2.) The moon is actually suspended within or behind the liquid-like plasma of the Firmament that encapsulates our world. I actually think that BOTH postulations hold merit, in that the parasites project a false sun and false moon onto the Firmament in order to hide from is the true versions which might give humanity certain prophetic queues that the parasites don’t want us to have access to. Rose Hannah has provided us with a TON of examples over time of them doing exactly this.



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