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RE: Sexual harassment includes sitting in rooms with more male officers than women, says police chief


"This is not about me, but I think sexual harassment is about sitting in rooms where you have more male officers than women. Where you're in a male-dominated environment for any woman - that's always challenging."

This is so dumb I can't even think of anything to say about it that doesn't also sound incredibly dumb.


Yes, "we" are all about going back to segregation again! /s

Segregation, except where mutually agreed, based on sex is the only way to reduce male-female tensions, because sex is so much a part of our lives due to our very biology.

Individual multi-use bathrooms segregate people and reduce any possible gender friction and I think this principle needs to be more widespread.

Greater living from home also automatically means physical segregation and I think single men and women having their own apartments and only moving in together when they decide to marry or form a committed relationship has merit in avoiding the consequences of cohabitation, recognition of relationship and resulting potential for resources to be garnished on separation.

Can we already? A world where I'm not forced to be near women and only do so of my own volition would be great



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