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The great majority of male specimens of Homo Sapiens are so ugly IT HURTS!

Don't know how there are so many women that want those scrotes inside of them! 🤢🤮

Seriously how did our species end up like this? : https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/UglyGuyHotWife

In most other species it is the male that is typically the beautiful one... The females tend to be pretty plain in comparison... Just look at Lions, Peafowls, various species of bird and fish etc...

It is always the male that is the most radiant one so he can attract female attention... It is not the females that try attracting male attention with their looks so why did our species invert this and made the males the plain ones and the females the better looking ones?

Is it just grooming or are there genetic factors that makes scrotes much uglier than women on average? It really makes NO SENSE that so many women will use their looks to compete with each other over who gets to suck the dick of some gross looking scrote first... 🤮

I read somewhere that the more rapist a species is the uglier the males look… checks out

Please share a link if you find it again!

I heard women are much more picky about the looks of their mates now than they were before when women had little to no rights and no options other than marriage with a scrote to live a comfortable life...

That's one of the reasons why there are so many more Incels in the modern day world than before haha... XD It is also the reason why there are so many angry MRAs around and why some of them want women to lose rights... XD

Scrotes are realizing just how little desirable to women they actually are now that fewer and fewer women depend on them for a comfortable life! 😂 Hopefully the newer generations of males born from the few desirable males that get to mate with women now will look better than the ones from past generations...



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