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Getting back to the book I read today by Dr. Henry Makow, on page 164 he explains how Zionists are using the false accusation of “Anti-Semitism” to demonize anyone who dares to question the New World Order. ...

“Anti-Semitism used to refer to a racial prejudice against Jews. Now 'hate' is a code word for something else: Opposition to Zionism, a political program that even many Jews find repugnant. ”

SOURCE: Dr. Henry Makow, “Illuminati 2: Deceit And Seduction,” pg. 164.

This grand deception has been extremely effective to silence the churches and crush anybody who dares to tell the truth today. This matter is very important for Christians to understand, so you won't be drawn into the satanic New World Order. What is the New World Order? In short, it is the Beast system of the coming Antichrist, as foretold in the Book of Revelation. The “old” world centered around family values, patriotism, faith in God, individualism and honoring one's parents. In order to achieve a “new” world order, all these things MUST be destroyed.

I'm giving you links so you can see that what I say is true! All of the sick perversion that teenagers are seeing in music videos today, which parents are completely oblivious to these days in this wicked generation, are intentionally designed to sexualize your child. Satan knows that if he can influence your child to commit sexual immorality at a young age, he has ruined their entire life. Sex is the God of satanism! It is not mere coincidence that Hollywood, video games and music videos are saturated with blood, gore, torture and sexuality, which are all core elements of satanism!!! Listen parents, Satan wants your child! The Devil always comes to us as a beautiful liar. The Devil comes to innocent teenagers as Taylor Swift in a white dress, but she is a hellbound satanic whore! This ungodly, sicko, perverted, Christ-hating, perverse generation, laughs and scoffs at my preaching, but when you are 75 years old you won't be laughing, when you see where it all ends, when you're about to enter into eternity and face your Creator!!!



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