Andrew Anglin #sexist

[From "Tell Women You are Only Interested in Talking to Virgins"]

You should always tell women who are flirting with you in social situations that you’re only interested in talking to virgins, because a woman who isn’t a virgin is already spoiled and thus below you.

Virtually all women will flip out if you say this to them.

They’ve been told, and then subsequently convinced themselves, that virginity is “just a piece of skin” and of no real value. However, inside, it is programmed into their genetics to know that it is in fact very valuable. This understanding is so fundamental that they do not have to be taught it. It is “DNA information” in the same way that fear of snakes and spiders is “DNA information.”

Realistically, you’re not going to find a virgin. Sorry to tell you this, but that’s not likely in the cards. However, it is good for society to just say this to every girl who gets flirty with you in a social situation.

It’s very important to them to attempt to justify the fact that they’re a slut. Therefore, if you say this to them, they will become obsessed with proving you wrong, and thereby likely become obsessed with you.

As I’ve always told you, you should always treat women as if they are far, far below you, and this is just a great way to hit them right where it hurts, and make them crave your approval.



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