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[Serious] Incels are the strongest people mentally in the world.

As we've seen from quarantine stories, normies cannot cope with having to be at home, even if its for a few weeks. It is too much for them, and take into account said normies even have friends, a girlfriend, etc. they can talk to on their phone 24/7. This means even when normies are alone and quarantined they still have a social life and friends, mogging us, yet they can't even handle that.

Meanwhile, you have us across the pond who have been lonely for years, if not DECADES in certain circumstances. No friends, no girlfriend to speak of, and definitely not a social life (for those incels that do it's not very big). All of this WHILE we get demeaned by society and watchdogs, rendering us not even in a state of loneliness but of loneliness and oppression. If normalfags can't even handle this, which is not even 20% of what we have to deal with for YEARS, then that means we are in such a state of neurotic callousing and hardening that we are arguably the strongest people on the planet in terms of our minds.

Take pride in this fact. You are better mentally than all of society and its inhabitants. Your brain has hardened itself and you are superior to the people around you because of this fact. They are mentally unstable and can fracture and fail at the slightest inconvenience, meanwhile your entire life is a massive inconvenience and problem. Their minds are weak while ours are strong.



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