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Graduated with a CPA qualifying MS in Accounting in June 2005. B+ GPA.

June 2005 - November 2005, Kostka Taylor LLC, Parsippany NJ
During the job interview I was told that because they are a small company they offer 3 month of training after that it’s a real wage and manager in 3 years. 3 Month later I asked about a full time wage. For some reason, they thought to insult me and put me under duress. I ended up in a job I was not willing to do for money I am not willing to for while conducting business with people it offends me to conduct business with. I have learned many things here like that Presbyterian churches are used to baptize small domesticated animals and Polkas are nasty people. It’s somewhat contradictory to what I was taught growing up about Slavic Unity and respect for other religions.

Dec 2006 – May 2006, Burton Cieri Delsordi, Upper Montclair NJ
In trusting previous “employer’s” job offer, I had bills and need to take the first thing that came up, just to stay afloat from previous scoundrels. At Burton they used me for the Tax season, making me work excessive hours. They never compensated me for overtime as agreed. I was taught to appreciate Italians for their culture and history. That experience taught me otherwise. Now I perceive Italians as a lower race to my own, sub raise, sub humans.


June 2007 – August 2007 KogerUSA Paramus NJ
IT Business Analyst in financial domain was how the job was presented to me. :) I quit this job via a walk out, to ensure we avoid these “jobs” going forward I started to refuse to conduct business in NJ and in Financials. The business owners, they were Catholics, and given the Catholics involved I thought it appropriate to add some nasty words about Catholics and their mothers to my daily prayers!


December of 2007 2 Weeks of Morris County Jail.
I have sent a couple of F.U. emails to Kostka Tyalor LLC, I was using my regular email and was not hiding. The educational part of this experience was that I enjoyed it more then any experience listed above. I have met many cool people there, like my manager from Kostka Taylor LLC, he was there under the name of Austin Texas, guess I got him fired. The account manager from K-force was also there.



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