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r/RoevWadeCelebration - Who else is excited to see baby murder being off the menu in large areas of the US? It's just a shame we can't ban it everywhere.
Just think of all the babies who will get to live instead of being snuffed out in the womb, all the lives that will be lived instead of ended. It's so beautiful.

( RangerRickReporting )
Thank you! 🥳 It is good to hear another who believes in life and Him with all their heart ❤️ Jesus is King 🙏 and I am so proud this country 🇺🇲 is getting closer to walking alongside the Lord once again 👏 All life is sacred and it is our duty to stop atrocity when we are able! ❤️ One day the stain on humanity that is abortion will be ended ✊ and our generation will be the one to do it!



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