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spoilerEveryone understands the concept of
"foreign invasive species" in the plant and
animal world.
Foreign invasive species cause immense
amounts of damage to native ecosystems.
This same concept applies to human races,
countries, cultures, and civilizations as well.

( @brextremist )
@Nature_and_Race Ecologists will shit their pants over an invasive foreign species of frog or fish getting into a new eco-system. But they don't worry about the environmental impact that wilfully importing a billion niggers might have.

( @wmk1975 )
@brextremist @Nature_and_Race and they will gleefully recite all the various species of tree frogs but there is only one type of human, just different skin color, hair type, bone structure, etc.

( @EvaVonBraun )
@brextremist @Nature_and_Race

When there isn’t any limitations to stupid people having kids, you end up with Idiocracy. Jews are accelerating the demise of intelligent life on this planet by immigrating the only high scoring countries left. Actual apes in captivity have the IQ of 80, which is just as high or higher than many sub-Saharan African, Central American, and South Asian countries.

(@CircumspectZek )
@Nature_and_Race Not only are other some other races truly invasive, but they are also quite literally another species, as well (negroes).



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