Wizcel & cvh1991 #sexist incels.co

Men and women being equal is just as dumb as humans and dogs being equals.

99% of inventions in history have been done by men. Our entire society from the bottom to top has been created by men. Women depend on men for their provision just as dogs rely on their masters to feed them everyday. Women are even lower than boys since the U15 boys soccer team beat the women's national soccer team. Also trannies come and completely destroy women at their own sports. The only thing that women excel at are childrearing and giving blowjobs. That's their entire purpose of their existence. Women are very insecure if you bring this up because they know this is true. Giving them rights was the biggest mistake of mankind and generations of men will pay for this.

Being a woman is life on easy mode yet they insist they have it so hard lmao.

All you need to do as a woman to have a good standard of living is have sex with your betabux once a month and maybe look after a kid or two if that. That beats working a shitty 9-to-5 any day of the week and notice most women who do have jobs usually don’t study anything challenging — they do most often do something easy then count on their man to handle the high earning. Exceptions exist and all that, but that’s the norm has been my observation. Men by comparison just can’t get away with remotely the same stuff.

If that fails my government is far far more willing to help (as are parents and families and shelters) if you’re female.

Meanwhile if you’re a man you actually have to work for a living and carry yourself (and your family/woman) — no one else will.

Women’s “””””problems”””” are often men’s dreams as Gymcelled stated before.



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