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No one likes adhering to an ideology where the fundament is to look at yourself as “equally worthless dust under gods feet.” People like to feel like they have inherit value and worth (cause they do) as opposed to being beaten into believing theyre worthless.

This is a very small minded take. Human value changes with perspective. You are nothing on your own, but you should rejoice, because God has given you everything, including your value if you're humble enough to accept it. This manifests itself very easily in the way that most people who don't accept God are nihilistic and really do come to believe that they are without value because they rejected the only being that could give it to them.

No one wants to adhere to an ideology where another one of the fundaments is to give everything you got to a world that gives nothing and is thankless in return.

It's a simple fact that the world is an unjust place and does not care for your goodwill or anyone else's. Our boldness in the face of cruelty is our expression of hope for a brighter future. Not living by truth makes people miserable and those take reciprocity for good will as granted will be sorely dejected and discouraged from doing good to others when they realize that people aren't very grateful.

The core principles of every point you made is rooted in toxicity and traits that most good, kind, empathetic people want nothing to do with. So if you ever wonder why people avoid conservatives and generally dont like them, there you go.

This is exactly the effeminate response and wording I'd expect from someone with these concerns. Strength without empathy might make a bully and there's always a risk of being that, but kindness without strength and confidence makes a victim and neither of these options are virtuous. It is not virtuous to weaken yourself and allow evil to prevail and exist over you. Of course nice people are going to be repelled! They fear us because we know how to put force behind our words and conviction behind our beliefs! They couldn't handle that verbal power and because they know they can't, they fear taking control of what they have.



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