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Bull. Fucking. Shit.

This is YET ANOTHER hate-hoax, meant to cultivate further hatred toward White people.

Hate-hoaxes like this are literal hate-crimes against White people.

spoilerBigots spray paint 'Hitler' on
NYC synagogue


@Nature_and_Race notice only the H, L and R are capitalized. Such a jew thing to do.

@Nature_and_Race It’s always debunked later showing that Jews actually did it, and yet the media is always quick to blame Whitey. I never hear them apologize when proven wrong though.

@Nature_and_Race Simply outrageous! The besmirching of the name of a great man by affixing it to an odious den of iniquity!

@Nature_and_Race Wasn't there recently some kike bitch spray painting swastikas in some kike neighborhood in New York?

Either way, I wouldn't complain if it was authentic.

@Nature_and_Race Defs a jew. An admirer wouldn't have used alternating caps.



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