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In the Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Zion, published over a hundred years ago at the turn of the 20th century, Protocol #10 said that U.S. Presidents would be pre-chosen and not elected. Despite the claim by most Jews that the Protocols were a scam, the irrefutable fact remains that everything foretold in the mysterious Protocols has happened, exactly as it was planned.

Few people realize that younger brother, Marvin Bush, headed up the electronics security firm that handled all cameras and security for the Trade Tower buildings in New York for the 2-years leading up to the 911 attacks. That's no coincidence! It was the perfect cover to plant explosive charges throughout the Trade Towers prior to 911, which requires MONTHS to install for controlled demolition. All three buildings imploded in a perfect, symmetrical, order. Only a complete uneducated, stupid, person would believe that 2 planes brought down 3 buildings within seconds. Buildings 1 and 2 imploded in less than 15 seconds each. Building WTC 7 came down in just 6.5 seconds. The official story on 911 has been verified to be a fraud (which means we've NEVER been told the truth). No plane ever struck the Pentagon, nor WTC 7.



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