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Quantum Jumping Service:

Only Tim Rifat is the world expert in psychic applications of Quantum Jumping; the world’s leading scientific expert who came up with Hyperinfinity collapse of Quantum Wave Functions – the so called Quantum Jumping. Tim Rifat is the only entrepreneur scientist that holds Trademarks in Mind Over Matter®, Supernatural Spirit®, Psychotronic Generators®, Bone Generators® (the mechanism for Quantum Jumping via Hyperinfinity), Sublime Good®, Psychotronic Crystals®, Psychotronic Crystalware® in Psychic Consultancy; which via Hyperinfinity, fully defines and encapsulates Quantum Jumping.
A) The Talking Bone Generator® to control the Hyperinfinity given off by the talking animals to be used by the Psi-Master. For use in your left hand (receive) right hand (to give) Bone Generators®. As 7 billion human animals talk incessantly to collapse Quantum Jumping to form the Matrix, the energy and Hyperinfinity to be used are vast. Cost $600
Now why is talking so important to Quantum Jumping? The 7 billion talking animals to not act as Copenhagen Interpretation Observers to collapse the Quantum Wave Functions. No. They talk about the things told to turn them by the Insectile in their energy body, called the Human Mind.
To manually control Quantum Jumping you can download the negative Psychokinesis, housed in the death spot on your left shoulder blade, into any target to boost your Quantum Jumping capabilities. To do this hold your Quantum Jumping Psychotronic Generator®, Psychotronic Crystal® to the left hand should blade using your left hand. Then touch the right hand to the target and tap it 169x to download negative Hyperinfinity and Psychokinesis into the target. This can be done again and again… To boost your Quantum Jumping. This done by visualising what you want and what you don’t want as you download your death spot into 7 billion wageslaves, Archons, Rothschilds, banks, countries, governments, Memes and Demonic Gods… Supernatural Spirits®.



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