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Hispandering as Suicide

Many seem to agree that conservatism has no future in America due to our demographic conquest. Romney won the largest share of the white vote of any Republican candidate in history, yet lost anyway against a conspicuously awful candidate. If current trends continue, leftists like Obama won’t even need self-hating white fools to put them over the top. Whites will effectively become enslaved to the voting blocs that reliably team up to loot them.

But not to worry, establishment Republicans like Sean Hannity and Charles Krauthammer have a solution. We need to declare amnesty, making it official that the USA no longer asserts its right to defend its borders from foreign incursion like other countries.

Terrified of an increasingly bleak future, Hannity and Krauthammer have withdrawn into a fantasy world in which the Third World dregs that are displacing America’s population will suddenly embrace the values of hard work and personal responsibility if we can just grovel a little more obsequiously. The reality they cannot face is that most Hispanics, like virtually all blacks, will continue to vote overwhelmingly on the single issue of using the government to steal our money.

Declaring amnesty simply means widening the red carpet for more Democrat voters. Whatever tepid immigration restrictions might be imposed as part of a deal with Democrats will be laughed off by parasitical hordes who know the next amnesty is only a matter of time.

Recall that Reagan declared amnesty in 1986, with the usual provisions that now the border will be sealed, now we will take our sovereignty and rule of law seriously, yadda yadda yadda. It didn’t stop Obama from getting 71% of the Hispanic vote.

There are reportedly 12 million Mexicans living in the USA, half of whom are here illegally. The real numbers are probably higher. If we still had the will to survive, we would throw the invaders out of our country, just like Eisenhower did with Operation Wetback.

Since that isn’t going to happen, we have to face the reality that America as we knew it is finished. It is in the process of being replaced by a socialist Third World banana republic that will reflect the culture of its new inhabitants.

Pandering to the vultures picking over America’s corpse isn’t going to bring it back from the dead. The point now is to keep the concepts America was founded on alive, which we can only do by remaining true to them regardless of political consequences. Maybe someday another America will rise.



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