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Churches are all about worshipping women.

All religions worship women, they're magical creatures. Whether it's Catholics worshipping a Jewish minx named Mary that cucked her husband, or Muslims worshipping women by "controlling" them, don't make me laugh. Or the guilt tripping Jewish mother, or the women doing Gods know what to the Hindus, all religions pretend to "control" women, but in reality it's putting them on the pedestal.

Religion plus pussy worship never wins. And the more fundamentalist the religion, the more the mothers control the children. And the husband.

You think a Muslim with 4 wives fighting against him 24/7 is "winning"? Or the Japanese guy with the traditional wife taking all his money and working him to the bone to earn more is really doing it right? The mormon is winning having a shit ton of wives to be responsible for? As we know, no woman on Earth has been manipulative.

No Catholic mother is the neck that turns the husband that's the "head" of the family.

Red pill yourself away from the fantasy of women, and the fantasy of magic, and the illusion that you have power over either, and do your own thing. If you like some virtues or moral lessons, take the good; shed yourself of the bullshit. The bullshit never helps, and the good parts get covered with the shit of the bad.

But what would I know, I'm just a heathen Godless atheist.



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