Issac Kliner #fundie

My idea of this phenomona, which some call "spiritual", is that "demons" may be the culprits. The only way this can work is if we apply a bit of Supersting Theory. The part of String Theory that I am using is the idea that there are mutiple dimensions (dimensions of space). If it is true, and if the idea that God created everything, then it is quite possible that Angels and Demons/Fallen Angels were created in a different (spacial) dimension. That would explain some of the "supernatural" phenomona caused by these beings. The other idea is that these beings may be made of (or interchange between) Dark Matter/Energy and or some Neutrino based property (not quite sure how Neutrinos could compose them). The reason for the possiblity of Neutrinos was that Neutrinos (or Neutrino based particles) could "phase" through several trillion miles of led without it's velocity decreasing. If they are made of different substances or subdimensions, then that could explain how these "shadow" beings or Demons could do some of the "impossible" things they seem to be able to do. The only way they could interact wityh matter is if they had some sort of mass, or have the ability to interchange between matter and energy, or they could be able to manipulate zero-point energy fields, or something of the sort.



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