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If your ethnic, don't read your history!

Seriously don't! I started reading about curry history especially the history past the 1500s and it is humiliating as fuck. Don't read that shit. It will damage your mental health. Don't learn your ancestral history. Literally the last 500 years of ethnic history is low IQ shitskin infighting and getting mogged and humiliated by whites. It is extremely humiliating. The more I read, the more enraged and disgusted I become.

Only ethnics who have done well or at least can be proud to some degree are East Asians(China/Japan/Korea). Every other nonwhite has horrible humiliating history. Their nations are complete shitholes, and the more you read about their history, the sadder and more disappointed you become.

Here are some examples of how far curries fell:

The Mughal Empire had a thriving industrial manufacturing economy, with India producing about 25% of the world's industrial output up until 1750, making it the most important manufacturing center in international trade.

Guess what it is today? 3.5%. Brutally humiliated. Just FUCKING lol. 1/7 the world population yet <1/15 the wealth.

Another ethnic nation for some more diversity that has fallen hard is Brazil.

In the 1850s, Brazil was a wealthy nation who could compete with eurocucks.

Brazilian economic growth, especially after 1850, compared "very well" with that of with the United States and the European countries, according to the historian Boris Fausto. Brazil in the last year of the monarchy was a “prosperous and [internationally] respected” country, according to historian Oliveira Lima.

But in the end brazil is 50% nigger mutts and still became a shithole.

Ethnic history is beyond humiliating and enraging. Reading this shit is not good for my mental health. Don't read this shit! Knowing less = more when it comes to ethnic history especially for the last 500 years. I fucking regret reading up on this. It is so despair inducing beyond words can express.



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