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( Lauren Witzke )
Trump said from the beginning of his 2016 campaign that when he won, he would select conservative Supreme Court Justices to put an end to Roe V. Wade. It was an EXTREMELY bold move to make at the time and could have lost him his election.. BUT Trump held strong and kept his word. Now, millions of babies will get a chance at life.

DeSantis on the other hand, has a conservative majority in his state AND the support to go through with it, but STILL has not moved to ban the cruel and evil practice of abortion. This is either because he thinks it either could cost him the election, or he just doesn't see abortion as an important enough issue for him to stir up the controversy that it would bring.

True bravery isn't letting small businesses, schools, and churches stay open during a fake "pandemic"- that should be the standard. True bravery is staring Satan in the face and taking down his most sacred ritual knowing that he will spend the rest of your life trying to destroy you for it.

( @Solos42 )
@LaurenWitzkeDE Still a Trump butt kisser?
Amazing, since Trump shut down America and pushed his untested miracle jabs on the population, people are injured, people died, including children

( @CleftCrusty )
@LaurenWitzkeDE This is a bad construction of events. Trump was indeed bold to overturn Roe, but as you know that is not equivalent to a ban on abortion. To get a ban, DeSantis needs the FL legislature to introduce a bill that will pass. What will pass in FL? A total ban is unlikely, but regardless, DeSantis would sign a stronger limitation if it reached his desk, no? The calculus isn’t saving face to get elected necessarily but it might help the abortion ban cause if by keeping abortion on the lowdown until after the midterms he may just get more conservative state reps elected.

See what happens in FL after the new state congress is seated.

( @ThinkOnThis )
@LaurenWitzkeDE I won't participate in a "who's prettier" competition between Trump and DeSantis. There is room for both. Both have done amazing things, both have had tremendous failures.

They're among the best this shambles of a party has to offer.

To properly quote the President, there are fine people on both sides.



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