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Dear Leader Emperor Barack Hussein Louie Benito Hugo Issuzu Obama's songbun system: The population of Dear Leader Barack Obama's developing Democratik People’s Republik of Amerika can be roughly divided into three tiers, and ones place in these tiers is called Obama songbun (based on North Korea's songbun system). An individual's Obama songbun is based on ones position at the time of Obama's ascendancy from questionable circumstances of birth to presidential occupation. Kenyan Obama himself, his Klingon wife and ruling party members, largely comprised of the capos of Rahm, Axelrod, Reid, Pelosi and the Kennedy family and their sub-capos, are the main elite. People who helped to bankrupt the nation while lining their own pockets are at the next level in the songbun hierarchy and often have high committee positions in congress or are appointed to cabinet and czar positions and other high offices. The lowest Obama songbun group is comprised of an as yet to be determined number of distinct classes, each with lower Obama songbun then the next. Tea Party members, conservative blog writers, conservative talk show hosts, Christians, and people who still believe in Ayn Rand's philosophy of individual rights and free enterprise or in the soon to be completely outdated U.S. Constitution and it's guarantee of the right of free speech and assembly have the lowest Obama songbun, and consequentially will occupy a role analogous to India's untouchables.



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