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I woke up at 5:10 am January 7, 2012 in my bed and started to record my REM subconsciousness mind recorder; this I thought was a nightmare then I realized my abduction was about to begin. The Alien Grey's were in the process to enter my subconscious. This abduction from what I deduced started at 4:15 am. It was a team of at least three Grey's holding me down, one starting a heart drill and one at my head trying to mind melt with me like Spock from Star Trek.
I succeeded in fighting them off by my furious intellect! I have realized that they were trying stop my access to very intelligent parts of the brain and steal these frequencies for their own power. Unfortunately for the Grey's I have stumbled on to the ultra low frequencies in the 2.3 hertz range that they use to enslave us as humans by creating depression. These negative beings are the best at stealing technology from other races and also at enslaving races of beings for gaining more power in the Galaxy. The Grey's want mind numb corporate zombies to work more so the Grey's can profit on the tax more.
The Alien Grey's did not want me to release this information. This is why the abduction took place to make me afraid of them and not warn you.



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