Prussian Society of America #racist

[From "Race Wars will also mean Intra-Racial Wars"]

The inevitible Race Wars which will break out in America and Europe, will be of epic porportions

America, however is already under a Race War, but it is an undeclared one at this time[…]
It is absolutely imperative that we must take advantage of every opportunity to expose, exploit and even curtail conditions to our favor and interest when it comes to Intra-racial conflicts[…]
This may mean using direct or indirect methods of instigating tensions or conflicts between said races[…]
The Barbarian Races know that their own people are Barbarians[…]
Every Barbarian knows they are inferior, thus they are seeking for any platform of leverage[…]
It is the same reason why their own leaders suppress their own people in their Nations in the style that they do[…]
We must make no effort to leave the stones unturned with the fact that most Hispanic people alive today are not purely Spaniards and many of them have Sephardic Jewish Ancestry

It is advantageous and desirable[…]Latin America upholds to its largest extent as possible, its own policy of Aryan Supremacy in terms of maintaining Pure Spanish or Portuguese Blood[…]
We must make no effort to withold the fact that African-Americans are de facto, “Bolshevized” Elements and that many African-Americans have a few droplets of Jewish ancestry[…]We must utilize every opportunity to even encourage these “Africans” to want to impose pogroms or enslave these “African-Americans”[…]
The American Indian Race[…]is a very complex issue, because for one they are an Oriental Race, but while they are not Jewish, some Tribes were more aggressively violent than others[…]
In Germany, the Welfare State must entirely be shut down[…]It must be entirely eradicated if we are to even begin to give Germany a sporting chance at fighting back against the enemies of the Vaterland



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