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Which year does the Tribulation start?

There are seven sets of seven from June 7, 1967 (double fulfilment of Dan. 9.25) when Israel became a nation to the Day of Atonement June 23, 2015 (total of 17,640 days);
when Jesus returns, He judges the nations for 30 days from the 1260th to the 1290th day;
2015 is a Jubilee year once every 50 years and it is a Sabbath year once every seven years (these years are confirmed going back to the start of the first Jubilee which was 3986 BC when Adam was 18 years old;
thus, the Tribulation must start on Feast of Trumpets Sept. 14 in 2015.
What day does Jesus step down on the mount of olives?

Jesus would step down on the 2,520th day which would be Aug. 7, 2022.



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