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A brown professor can keep their job after calling to “abolish Whitesness.”

A White student will be expelled and get a visit from the FBI for posting an “It’s ok to be White” flyer.

Whites don’t have privilege, we are under attack

@Apolitical here a black publication can call for the genocide of whites and corporate America still gives them millions.

@Apolitical Anyone talking about white privilege should just be laughed off the stage at this point.

It's gonna take that level of contempt.


spoilerWhen you're white but the
cop still gives you a ticket.
"I was told there would
be privileges?"

I love explaining to FBI agents why they should hate jews and niggers.

@PizzaJohns they actually have to regurlarly undergo "deradicalization therapy" because we're always so fkn right about it being the jews and their pet niggers.


Soon it will be punishable by death to be:

- White
- Straight
- A white man
- Have right-wing/conservative political viewpoints

This is all coming, and is already here. They just need to do a 9/11 scale domestic false flag to pass Patriot Act 2.0 to justify the Mao style mass killing of all political opposition they are going to do.

@Apolitical But it's not ok to be white!
It's fucking brilliant. I was born into ancestry that built all you see today, all scientific advances and all successful societies. It might be just ok to be black but it's fucking great never looking in the mirror wishing I was from somewhere else. Maybe another time due to the degeneracy of today but not another creed. Proud white beserker Viking of Christian English upbringing.

@Apolitical Can you imagine students trying to set up White student unions on American campuses like black students have for years? Dual standards.



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