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( @Nature_and_Race )
Blacks flee Africa by the millions every day, choosing to live in White countries rather than their all-black native lands.

How often do you see White people fleeing White countries to go live in Africa?

Anyone who says that blacks have a strong sense of ingroup preference is retarded.

Blacks hate each other. They literally beat and kill each other over the most trivial shit.

The only thing that makes it seem like blacks are a unified people is that they all universally hate White people. That's it. But they themselves are not a unified people in any way.

( @VanCleef )
blacks are host-specific, they parasitize off Whites

For Whitekind to survive black parasitism/imperialism must be destroyed

( @RandolfoCalzonian )
@Nature_and_Race Libs, which includes many conservatives, believe that by willing it, they can make Africa into a Wakandan paradise. If we just do the right things and have enough money and persistence, blacks will become just as successful as Whites. This belief persists despite having over 10,000 years of contact between blacks and Whites, and blacks having made little to no progress at all during that time.

( @dazzy )
@Nature_and_Race And from what I hear, these African men have abandoned wives and children.... whole villages empty of men... In South America too.

Meanwhile, way too many men in our countries.
But upsetting the status quo is the game the globalists play.

( @upenya )
@Nature_and_Race This is how one can determine that blacks are an inferior race. If blacks were superior or even equal they would not have the slightest inclination to migrate to White domains. They flood White Nations because Whites are superior. Naturally, the inferior gravitates to the superior. Not the other way around.



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