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I have always resonated highly with merpeople. I also loved the movie The Little Mermaid and a couple of years bought a figurine of a mermaid with her child from the Pyramid Collection. I didn't really understand why I was so drawn to it at the time. I did however take the earth angel test that Doreen Virtue has in one of her books and scored highly in several areas, I pretty much am a Mystic Star Mer Angel. I was recently told at an Akashic record reading that I am a water being on my home planet. The person doing the reading told me of the swirling waters there that were purple, turquoise and aqua (which happen to be my favorite colors!). I have always loved to soak in the tub versus taking a shower. I could stay in the water for hours. I very much prefer a calm lagoon though as opposed to a huge ocean. I was told I should live near the water that my soul will resonate highly with it and that my gifts/talents will be enhanced as a result.



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