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Re: [Discussion] The gender war has been gaining steam for the last few years and only getting more intense. Where do you think its heading?

(Teutonic Knight)

Women will start taking over most of the important position in the West because they keep doing better and better in schools and universities which are a requierement for these positions. They're also more social with more connections and have the law and the media on their side.

Most men will see no purpose in a society like this and opt out and go LDAR/NEET. Then women will lead that society to ruin in a comical clown world-ish way because they won't have any idea how to handle any of that.

The West will be taken over by a mixture of radicalized white men and lowinhib high T ethnics who don't give a shit about any sort of virtue signalling ideology. These men will then kill each other in a race war between Muslims+ethnics and white nazis and take over whatever young women will be left as sex slaves and to reproduce and build a new society. Old women and oldcels will be probably killed off as useless drain on a society that can no longer support them, unless they would have some practical knowledge like engineers or doctors.

The West will then go back to primitive ways of racism and religious fanaticism and will eventually end up fighting back Chinese imperialism.

Some Western countries become defacto colonies of China like Africa. Life is shit but less degeneracy. Back to dark ages. People will wonder why the fuck anyone thought giving women rights was a good idea. The post-1945 West will be seen as the biggest meme in history.


Sexbots and artifical wombs will take the role of females. Natural females will stop recieving their gender halo as more men covert to artificial reproduction/love. White knighting will be a thing of the past. In a sense, women will finally be equal to men. Disposable and interchangable cogs to society. Eventually females will be phased out entirely since they are more expensive to maintain then males.

This will happen or society breaks down catastrophically and we regress to middle ages.


The establishment will always be on the female side. What will happen is the formation of a underclass of men NEETing or wageslaving in shitty jobs while women and chads live like kings. Obviously a system like that is not sustainable, women don't pay taxes, so i guess they will create some bullshit to take away money from this new underclass, like a bachelor tax.



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