Jesse Lee Peterson #sexist #wingnut

[concerning former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s resignation and replacement by Kathy Hochul]

…So they replaced the governor that’s leaving with this female governor. That’s not going to make New York better! What the…?

And her name doesn’t matter, but I’m being told it’s Kathy Hochul. I don’t care about her name. This woman is a loser. Women were created from man to be a help to the man. They were not created to lead. It’s not in them.
…And because you put these women in so-called “leadership”, that doesn’t make them leaders. Look how everything go wrong. The Talibans are loving this! ‘Cause they know! They may deal with it I’m the wrong way, but they know that women don’t have it. We know it. Everybody knows it, but people are afraid to say it now because you would be called a name. You would become an outcast. Like, who cares? What do you love most: what’s right, or people, places and things?

You gotta make up your mind. You will be destroyed. They’re putting women in charge.



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