Clark McClelland #conspiracy

UFO conspiracy theorist who claims to be a NASA veteran has insisted he saw a nine-foot alien astronaut on the space shuttle.

Clark McClelland, who says he worked with NASA as an aerospace engineer for 35 years from 1958 to 1992, maintains the "truth" of his story currently doing the rounds on paranormal websites, radio stations and Youtube channels.


Detailing the experience on his website,, he claims that while monitoring an unspecified top secret mission from the space center’s launch control centre on a 27-inch video screen, he saw the "alien" standing upright on two legs in the space shuttle payload bay, interacting with the two tethered US astronauts and watched it for one minute and seven seconds.


McClelland makes a series of shocking claims about aliens infiltrating governments on Earth in a video he recorded unearthed recently by paranormal website Inquisitr, which also claims the US government has crippled him by taking his pension and left him on social security.

In one video he said: "I know an ET and alien craft when I see them. Aliens are here on Earth, they walk among us. They may have been implanted into our various Earth governments."



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