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Blackpill Top 5 most brutal "pills"

5th place: the foid nature pill= foids are very limited in comparison to us and will never truly care about you beyond how useful you can be to them in one or more ways. They will never love you, empathize with you, be loyal to you or understand you. They just follow their pussy tingles; no tingles, you're out. Next

4th place: the looks blackpill= the primary source of attraction is looks and if your looks are good enough you can get away with pretty much anything; likewise, if you're ugly, people will always dislike, reject and gaslight you no matter what

3rd place: the dual mating strategy pill= foids will look for good-looking aggressive men for sex/romance/reproduction and for meek, hard-working, less attractive men for financial (and other types of) support

2nd place: the dark triad pill= foids are attracted to evil and reward evil and atrocious crimes with love and sex

1st place: the unlimited gynocentrism pill= the first place is not a pill that applies to women, but to us men. Men are biologically programmed to fuck each other over and compete for foids. EVEN IN A FUCKING INCEL FORUM, there's still gynocentrism, simping, agecucking and many men who have taken shit from foids their whole lives will still side with foids and protect stranger foids against fellow incels (even if such incels are doing nothing, just saying stuff)



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