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( @Nature_and_Race )
There's a lot of young White guys out there who are convinced that Asian women will treat them better than White women.

But here's the reality: Asian women are sent to White countries to breed White people out of existence.

Asian women are a biological weapon used to prevent the production of White children.

( @petergray )
@Nature_and_Race I look at this video in a slightly different way:
Just another woman with a white fever but she's trying to justify it in front of her woke friends.

( @VictoryValhalla )
@Nature_and_Race Asian women age hard, tiny boobs and flat asses. Never understood the attraction 🤷🏼‍♂️

( @vw16app )
@VictoryValhalla @Nature_and_Race incredibly short, overbite jaws, thin hair, yellow, slanted eyes. It's the same reason why some Whites trade their race for a nigger. Nobody can explain the attraction because the White person is mentally ill. An unstable person finds the most ugliest things acceptable.

( @BeauDixon )
@Nature_and_Race That is the purpose of all this “diversity” and why they force integration. They are destroying our race. It’s White Genocide

( @844steamtrain )
@Nature_and_Race Hahaha! I laugh every time I see this, or some stupid White lady bragging about sleeping with black men. The White race has already survived famine, genocide, plague, war and natural disasters for thousands of years. We will survive this White genocide as well. Real White people are already taking care of themselves, their families and their communities just fine.

( @Plebflop )
That chink only fuck niggers, I bet she's got a BLM fist tattooed on her lower back.



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