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Most women have the traits of psychopaths

1. Superficial charm and high sense of self-worth-

They have the charm to easily have tons of social media followers, and are always on QUEEN shit for egregious behavior. Females are incapable of thinking other people are better than them. They demand to be constantly listened to. Anything that kills the fun makes them sad. Fun at the expense of other's happiness.

2. They are extreme liars

Easy for them to say different things at different times based on the situation. Always making excuses as to why they don't fulfill their promises. They don't even care that you KNOW they are lying. Make you take blame for everything.

3. Cold heartless, living parasitic lifestyles

Other people's feelings do NOT matter. They want to turn others against each other. They want others to do FOR THEM. Not do anything themselves. Prefer NOT to work for a living.

4. Poor behavioral control and promiscuous

OF + getting drunk and having a three-way in Cabo after getting a poorly done tattoo of their daddy on the clevage.

5. DO NOT take responsibility, possible childhood abuse

A history of juvenile delinquency, and not taking responsibility for it. As kids they were constantly able to get others to take the fall FOR them. HATE taking responsibility for their actions.

Women who do not fill this bucket list simply do not exist, prove me wrong.

Conversely, incels are the complete opposite of a psychopath:

1. Completely charmless, with low self-esteem
2. Honest to a fault, and utterly guileless
3. Maybe youngcels are possible parasites, but past that most incels do not have the opportunity to be parasites, WE HAVE to have jobs, We HAVE to earn our keep. No one cares about us enough to allow us to be leeches. Not even our own parents. We obviously have hearts because we want to be loved very badly, and sincerely.
4. High inhib virgins
5. Take responsibility for everything, or example currycels feeling shame over bobsandvegene texting lowIQ curries have done



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