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(Congressman Paul Gosar)
You catch the most flak when you're over the target. I wear Biden's attacks on me (when he can say them coherently) as a badge of honor. The anti-Christian Biden Regime will be defeated by God and the America First Movement.

@DrPaulGosar I dare you to say White People. When you say antiChristian, you mean antiwhite. When you say America First, you actually mean stopping White erasure. Say it.

@TrueBonnieBlue Furthermore, have Paul prove his own point by talking about the Jews in the media and federal government.


@DrPaulGosar The Regime is blatantly #AntiWhite.

When are you going to address #AntiWhitism - the greatest moral evil of our age?

The Regime is only anti-Christian because Christianity is the religion of #Westmen.

How is the America First Movement going to succeed in the face of overwhelming #WhiteErasure?

There is no Western civilization without #Westernkind.

@DrPaulGosar The satanic Biden regime is far more than anti-Christian. Satan's role is to destroy all souls at any cost by any means. The indwelling Holy Spirit owns me but all others Satan leads to Hell.

@DrPaulGosar fuck off. Name the jew pussy


You are a Jew pawn.

You are a Zionist, just like all other Republicans.

@RyanMessano1 @DrPaulGosar it's a one-party system masquerading as a two-party system with all roads leading to Zion.

@DrPaulGosar when will you be as brave as Kanye West and name the jew? Without, well, you're just another Matt Walsh.

@bmcbc @DrPaulGosar - Evil can get into anything. Just because Jews are the easiest target to exploit doesn't mean evil isn't clawing its way into everything else... relentlessly!

You're doing evil a favor when you try and trick people into thinking it can only come from ONE source... kinda narrows your shit down.

@DrPaulGosar While they are anti-Christian, they are first and foremost antiWhite. There's a reason they most viciously attack White Christians.



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