saoyraan #sexist

(The discussion was about 1920 and the suffragette movement; the commenter I was replying to said they were surprised that so many women were okay with not being able to vote)

darkphoenixff4: It's not a surprise, when you consider history. Fact is, if all your life you've been told you CAN'T do something, the idea of changing that and doing that thing is scary to a lot of people. It's why freed dictatorships tend to revert to dictatorship under a new dictator; the people there are used to someone stomping on them, so they're confused and afraid because no one is doing it anymore. When the new dictator comes along, it pushes them back into what is "normal" for them.

saoyraan: Well then at what point are women free to choose and can be free to choose while men can't. It is a gender role for the man to man up take his lot on life and move on. It is also the role that men have to be heroes and sacrifice their well being to serve the community. This is a definition of a gender role. Women had a gender role as well and that was the caretaker and the motherly figure. This is why laws basically in divorce favor children being taken from men and the house to them. You seem to be saying the grass is greener on the other side but it is still grass. Women during those times accepted the roles and positions. You are hyper focusing on one aspect of human nature while demonizing another in order to pump you social justice values but without thought or reason. Societies change and standards changed throughout history on this very subject and tons of studies and discussions on this. Not even is ot just western culture but the same social patterns developed in human history in different cultures worlds apart. When your hatred and seeking to demonize a particular group o suggest studying history. At some point you have to realize the genders have traits that prompt certain behaviors over the other. Humans are animals and still fall into that category that most SJW forget.

darkphoenixff4: Thanks for that giant misogynist screed. In response, I say go fuck yourself.



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