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Jim Grunseth: Hi Aidan,
What objection do you have against the existence of the God of the Bible and His Son, The Lord Jesus? Do you believe Jesus lived, was crucified, and then rose again from the grave?

Aidan Sansom
No, I don't Jim. Not any more.
There are currently a whole host of objections I have to the God of the Bible. Chief among them being his perceived condemnation of the homosexual people he creates. The game would appear rigged.
Please, for one moment, address the points I am presenting you with, Jim. I worry that you are just trying to preach at people rather than to listen as well.
But the bottom line is this: If you really, truly think in your heart of hearts that Ms Beeching is born straight and has somehow convinced herself she is gay, then I'm afraid we're going to have to leave this discussion here. And please - answer it with your personal feelings, not with a Bible verse.

Jim Grunseth: I just found your comment here...
We put way too much emphasis on what we think and feel and not nearly enough on what God thinks and feels. I know, in print, that sounds cold...I do not mean it to, Aidan...
Since about 1700, man has developed a lower view of and reverence for God and has placed a higher view of "man". You know this from your studies, I am sure...Renaissance age to age of reason (I might have my dates a bit off )...but we are now clearly in the age of reason, the age of self, and the age of man. (God, whatever he is, must revolve around us...not the other way around.) If man experiences it, God must approve it. If it feels right, then it must be right and God, regardless of what is said in a holy book, must either agree or find himself or herself (not my thoughts) irrelevant.
I have love and want kindness for my Transgender family member. But if I love him, I want to warn him of the danger of him continuing in his God-dishonoring conduct. You see, I actually possess a high view of God...hopefully, thru much failure, I high reverence for Him. God does not revolve around me. I revolve around Him, His hopes, His plans, His dreams, His desires, His Word. If He commands it, I am to obey. Remember: He who has the keys to Hell should not be trifled with. God is good...but He is not tame.
Romans 1:18-to the end and 1Corinthians 6 are very clear. For me to trifle with or ignore this is to my peril. This is what I believe. I share all this because I care.. I am not warning the LGBTQ community, Rather, I am warning them in love. (Ezekiel 33:1-6) Thoughts?



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