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RH factor is what is in the Bible referred to as the serpent seed. The Nephilim. It means you are basically without the blood of angels. It is why RH factor people tend to be more predisposed to dark tendancies. The gentiles (Europeans) are a result of forbidden mating and it was forbidden because the eye color of the white race gives away whether you have more or less serpent seed/angels seed in your blood. The bloodlines over the years have been so intermingled we all have bits and pieces of other races but I see hundreds of blue eyed people who are just good to the heart and hundreds of green eyed people who are just evil to the core.
Blonde hair blue eyes=Angels seed/blood of God Christ
Red hair green eyes=Serpent seed/blood of the devil

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Copper Based Aquatic Blood is alien human hybrid blood, which has nothing to do with the Rh - Blood Factor. The Copper Based Aquatic Blood is related to the FISH GODS because these gods who bred with human beings to create the copper based hybrid anomalies were aliens that came up out of the sea. They were considered to be Demi gods because of the technology they possessed and because these aliens created the hybrid bloodlines of the people who worshipped them.

Indian hybrids usually carried Rh + Positive blood and also carry the Copper Based Aquatic Factor. Indians did not carry the Rh - Negative factor.

As people have been inbreeding with one another however these anomalies and traits are being passed around so you may have someone who has Indian ancestry down the line that also has the Rh - Negative factor today because they also carry Celtic ancestry. The indigenous race on the British Isles were Scandinavians.

Generally speaking few people carry the pure Rh -Negative factor today. We estimate them to be approximately 15% of the population. They came from a cell of Scandinavians that migrated down into southwestern Europe before and during the last Ice Age.

Those with the pure Rh - Factor carry what is referred to as "Power in the Blood." They are the ones who have healing abilities etc.

85% of the general public carry Rhesus Monkey DNA known as Rh + factor.

Those with Copper Based Aquatic Blood are those who are being abducted by aliens generally speaking because they carry alien genetics, which they inherited from their ancestors who were most often victims of the DARK SIDE and alien abductions. Aliens continue to tweak their fetus’s in uteral today.

The main reason aliens are interested in those with pure Rh- Negative blood is for their DNA. They are the descendents of our Scandinavian Mitochondria Mother who we all share DNA with no matter what color you skin is today.

Aryans were a contaminated race or down graded race genetically because of the hybrid copper based anomalies’ and Rhesus Monkey factor.

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