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Here's the truth; if you were born with a penis, you're male. If you were born with a vagina, you're female. There are people that will rebel against the truth, and there are people that will obey the commandments of Jesus Christ.

This is why those who know the truth fought against the redefinition of marriage, and against the propaganda of the glbt community.

Now, because of the propaganda of the glbt community, it is legal for a man to walk naked in the women's section of a spa, and expose his penis to underage girls.

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As a servant of Jesus Christ, I reject the hatred FOR and FROM, the glbt community. I challenge the glbt community to denounce telling children that homosexuality is normal, WITHOUT the consent of that child's parents; the PRIME goal of the glbt community. I speak out against homofascism, transtyranny, genderinsanity, and ANY end-run around parental rights. REDEFINED marriage harms children.

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Look at how this woman's message to protect children is attacked by the homofascists that are holding signs in the background. Why can't those who disagree with exposing their children to homofascist propaganda speak without harassment? If the glbt community is so right, why do they want to silence those who disagree with their life choices?

I read the Word of God daily to keep from being caught up in the propaganda of the Godless people of this world.

I can understand why this woman speaks out against transmadness; her marriage was ruined by transdelusionality.

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It took me two years to complete my first, self-assigned, reading of the Bible, and I wanted to double-up this year to even out the years. This has taken a lot of my time; but the Word of God is my core operating system.

But today, I am at home, with rare time to blog.

It looks like the glbt community is mad at Dave Chappelle for saying gender is real. Wow. I was careful to take the time to watch the show that the transdelusionals are upset about, before posting on my blog, and I have to say...

How is what is between your legs when you use the bathroom NOT reality?!?

The fight against homofascism and transdelusionality is gaining traction.

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{from 2017}

It's over for Kevin Spacey. The irony of his show being called House of Cards is funny to everyone except the producers of the show.

Hollywood has been feeding me very well in the last three weeks. I now have more blog material than I need and the actual time to do some blogging which is woefully rare due to my job.

Anyhow, the homosexual pursuit of underage males is the dirtiest ex-secret of the glbt community. But, to my personal joy, the world is now starting to see what homosexuality is all about; turning young boys into gay men.

Apparently, when he was 24, Mr. Spacey was having a sexual relationship with a 14-year-old boy. And, in addition to that, he was sexually harassing young men on the set of House of Cards.

I love having the weapon of truth in my personal fight against homofascism and genderinsanity. The gay community should have left me alone.

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{from 2018}

The video above is the most powerful case against males in female restrooms that I've seen in at least six years.

Once again, school officials are more afraid of the homofascists in the glbt community than they are of right-minded parents who don't want males in the restrooms or locker rooms used by their daughters. Parents who's children go to this elementary school were not notified that males would be allowed in with their daughters in bathrooms and locker rooms.

Is it not wisdom to design school bathrooms so that only one person can enter at a time? Why not make many, one-person bathrooms in a rectangular or circular building, with doors only on the outside, in order to protect girls (and boys) from predatory males? With all of this feminist talk about "toxic masculinity," why are males allowed in places where females are undressing?

Males having access to undressing females in their bathrooms and dressing rooms is absurd, yet very few people have the courage to stand up to the glbt community.

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What kind of a world do I live in where a man can "marry" another man, sodomize that man for a year, and then go to his employer or the employer of his penis-having "wife," and be awarded money for infertility treatments? Can anyone see how this new law would make an employer less likely to hire a homosexual or a lesbian? Is there anyone who would dare defend this absurd new law? Can anyone question my logical divorce from the insane concept of same-sex "marriage"?