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{from 2017}

It's over for Kevin Spacey. The irony of his show being called House of Cards is funny to everyone except the producers of the show.

Hollywood has been feeding me very well in the last three weeks. I now have more blog material than I need and the actual time to do some blogging which is woefully rare due to my job.

Anyhow, the homosexual pursuit of underage males is the dirtiest ex-secret of the glbt community. But, to my personal joy, the world is now starting to see what homosexuality is all about; turning young boys into gay men.

Apparently, when he was 24, Mr. Spacey was having a sexual relationship with a 14-year-old boy. And, in addition to that, he was sexually harassing young men on the set of House of Cards.

I love having the weapon of truth in my personal fight against homofascism and genderinsanity. The gay community should have left me alone.



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