Club-Swinging Brute Award

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White nationalism will continue to go nowhere if you fucking faggots won't stop arguing about dumb shit.

Many of you came from libertarianism like I did, so you know what these kinds of arguments do. They cause mini schizms in the movement until its split into so many niche sections that it becomes useless.

You're doing the kikes work for them.


my IRL best bud is an anti-woke leftist type

we know where each other stand on stuff, and mostly just... don't talk about politics except when we're meming about shit

we hang out all the time and would 100% take a bullet for one another

it is NOT that hard

This behavior requires both parties to be moral, intelligent and well adjusted adults.

It's looking like we don't have much of that in our circles.

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/* Process this file into a graph using `dot -Tsvg quote.gv > quote.svg`. */

digraph moomin_quote {

subgraph introduction {
introduction_wall_of_text [label="Jewish \"intellectuals\", fueled by their resentment towards Europe\nand Christianity, create the Frankfurt School with the intention\nof destroying Western culture to bring down Capitalism and create\na Marxist revolution\n((USEFUL IDIOTS))",shape=polygon,sides=4];

subgraph conspiracy {
weimar -> intellectuals [label="spawns"];
intellectuals -> frankfurt_school [label="create"];
communist_revolution -> soviet_union [label="creates"];
soviet_union -> frankfurt_school [label="finances"];
frankfurt_school -> social_science_faculties [label="takes over"];

soviet_union_wall_of_text [label="Soviet intelligence spent only 25% of its budget on espionage while 75%\nwent to subversion. They funded the Frankfurt School with the explicit\nintention of destroying and subverting Western culture.\n((GEOPOLITICAL THREAT))",shape=polygon,sides=4];
soviet_union_wall_of_text -> soviet_union [weight=100,style=invis];

social_science_faculties -> progressivism [label="model"];

progressivism -> traditions [label="attacks"];
traditions -> religion [label="such as"];
traditions -> family [label="such as"];
traditions -> nation [label="such as"];
traditions -> property [label="such as"];
property -> welfare_state [label="using"];
nation -> mass_immigration [label="using"];
family -> gender_roles [label="as in"];
family -> marriage [label="as in"];
religion -> chastity [label="as in"];
religion -> marriage [label="as in"];
marriage -> high_divorce_rates [label="causing"];
chastity -> single_parenthood [label="causing"];
single_parenthood -> broken_families [label="causing"];
broken_families -> crime [label="causing"];
high_divorce_rates -> broken_families [label="causing"];
gender_roles -> low_birth_rates [label="causing"];
low_birth_rates -> mass_immigration [label="being the excuse for"];
gender_roles -> cheap_labour;
welfare_state -> budget_deficit [label="causing"];
budget_deficit -> taking_debt [label="leading to"];
taking_debt -> international_banks [label="giving power to"];
international_banks -> corporations;
corporations -> mass_media [label="who control"];
mass_media -> progressivism [label="who push"];
budget_deficit -> printing_money [label="leading to"];
printing_money -> inflation [label="causing"];
budget_deficit -> raising_taxes [label="leading to"];
raising_taxes -> shrinking_middle_class [label="causing"];
budget_deficit -> social_security_crisis [label="causing"];
social_security_crisis -> mass_immigration [label="being the excuse for"];
mass_immigration -> affirmative_action [label="installing"];
welfare_state -> welfare_cliffs [label="causing"];
mass_immigration -> crime [label="increasing"];
mass_immigration -> cheap_labour;
cheap_labour -> corporations [label="giving wealth to"];

economics_wall_of_text [label="Conditions like dysgenics, poverty and lack of social cohesion\nreduce the ability of the population to revert the situation. It is a\nself-perpetuating system. The system is aided at all levels by political corruption and useful idiots.\n((LOGICAL RESULT OF CAPITALISM AS A GOAL INSTEAD OF\nCAPITALISM AS A TOOL))",shape=polygon,sides=4];
cheap_labour -> economics_wall_of_text [weight=100,style=invis];
taking_debt -> economics_wall_of_text [weight=100,style=invis];

social_science_faculties -> positivist_crisis [label="undergo"];

positivist_crisis -> scientific_method [label="replaces"];
scientific_method -> critical_theory [label="with"];
critical_theory -> relativism [label="aids"];
critical_theory -> political_correctness [label="spawns"];
political_correctness -> taboo_research [label="attacks"];
political_correctness -> newspeak [label="similar to"];
taboo_research -> biological_differences [label="such as"];
relativism -> empiricism [label="attacks"];
relativism -> common_sense [label="attacks"];

science_wall_of_text [label="Do not trust common sense and empiric evidence\n\"Intellectuals\" know better. They are \"scientists\" (even though\nthey have never followed - and attacked - the scientific method) after all!\n((USEFUL IDIOTS))",shape=polygon,sides=4];
biological_differences -> science_wall_of_text [weight=100,style=invis];
empiricism -> science_wall_of_text [weight=10,style=invis];

Transcriptionist Note
To avoid having to hand label every single node, I made all the nodes lowercase.
In the original chart, the nodes are title case, and only the edges are lowercase.

weimar [label="weimar republic"];
intellectuals [label="\"intellectuals\""];
frankfurt_school [label="frankfurt school"];
communist_revolution [label="communist revolution"];
soviet_union [label="soviet union"];
social_science_faculties [label="social science faculties"];
positivist_crisis [label="positivist crisis"];
single_parenthood [label="single parenthood"];
welfare_state [label="welfare state"];
mass_immigration [label="mass immigration"];
gender_roles [label="gender roles"];
high_divorce_rates [label="high divorce rates"];
broken_families [label="broken families"];
low_birth_rates [label="low birth rates"];
cheap_labour [label="cheap labour"];
scientific_method [label="scientific method"];
political_correctness [label="political correctness"];
taboo_research [label="taboo research"];
biological_differences [label="biological differences"];
common_sense [label="common sense"];
budget_deficit [label="budget deficit"];
taking_debt [label="taking debt"];
international_banks [label="international banks"];
mass_media [label="mass media"];
printing_money [label="printing money"];
raising_taxes [label="raising taxes"];
shrinking_middle_class [label="shrinking middle class"];
social_security_crisis [label="social security crisis"];
welfare_cliffs [label="welfare cliffs"];
affirmative_action [label="affirmative action"];
critical_theory [label="critical theory"];
progressivism [label=<<U>progressivism</U>>];
religion [label=<<B>religion</B>>];
family [label=<<B>family</B>>];
nation [label=<<B>nation</B>>];
property [label=<<B>property</B>>];

subgraph conclusion_preamble {
Transcriptionist Note
The last part of the chart, at the bottom, is the hardest.
It seems like the original author just sort of gave up on actually making it a graph, and just stuck their last few bullet points in
nodes at the bottom that weren't connected to anything.
keyword_stuffing [label="Military Spending... computers, internet, satellites, moon, global hegemony\nWelfare Spending... dysgenics, poverty, crime",shape=polygon,sides=4];

resulting_in_conclusion [label="RESULTING IN..................................................",shape=plaintext];
resulting_in_conclusion -> keyword_stuffing [weight=100,style=invis];

resulting_in_conclusion -> lacking_community_trust [style=invis];
resulting_in_conclusion -> poverty [style=invis];
resulting_in_conclusion -> dysgenics [style=invis];
lacking_community_trust [label="lacking community trust"];

subgraph conclusion {
conclusion [label="Democracy may be blamed but the real problem is the representative system. Had immigration been subjected\nto a democratic vote, it would have been halted in all Western nations decades ago. Even if such vote was carried out today, immigration would be halted.",shape=polygon,sides=4];

edge[ style = invis ];
introduction_wall_of_text -> weimar;
science_wall_of_text -> keyword_stuffing;
economics_wall_of_text -> resulting_in_conclusion;
mass_media -> { lacking_community_trust, poverty, dysgenics, keyword_stuffing};
lacking_community_trust -> conclusion;
resulting_in_conclusion -> conclusion;

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If you have any family members or friends who are police or military, or work for government in any way anywhere, bully them to quit. Any white men that willingly work for zog should be bullied, harassed and ostracized by family members. There are no good police or soldiers.

Had this chat a while back w/ a friend, he did that ‘oh come on, ALL the feds should be drawn and quartered? buddy, you’re lookin’ at one right now. You really think I deserv-“

“I know what I said.”

“Ah? Ah!”


Imagine betraying your race for a shitty pension.

he kinda has a point, he’s not really enforcement or anything, he’s more like a deputy because his job required someone with his skill set and they figured empowering professionals in his field was easier than training their own out of rank & file. Basically a CPA with a badge.

Still, it counts, he’s working for the system in some form or another. If we carve out a horse exemption for him, everyone’s gonna want one!